.What could a feminist art currency look like?

.Diversiteit en de Wmo

.Fragmentation of perception / perception of fragmentation

.Queer art is about creating the possibility to say no to the dominant hetero-normative economic and political structures of art. Or yes. But to at least write a story about it that replaces an older one.

.Patricia Cornflake

.Zonder titel of een verhaal over feministische kunst


See left for links to a couple of examples of my art and activism in 2008.
Below some other activities in that same year.

Stichting Nieuwe Rotterdamse Cultuur
Since April 2008 I work three days a week as the management assistant at an organisation called Stichting Nieuwe Rotterdamse Cultuur.

Noctua Taal en tekst
I made a website for Noctua Taal en tekst, office for your English, German, French, Dutch translations. http://www.noctuataalentekst.nl

Trikster, Nordic Queer Journal
Five of my cartoons in the series 'Patricia Cornflake's Lesbian Lifestyle have been published online in Trikster. http://www.trikster.net

Nederlands Genootschap Vrouwenstudies

Some of my works in the jubilee publication of the Dutch Women's Studies Society. http://www.genootschapvrouwenstudies.nl/

Minor Breast
A contribution by me has been included in the publication Minor Breast, edited by Isabel Carvalho and Clare Thornton.

I will be mentioned in a Dutch lesbian encyclopaedia to be published Spring 2009.