Trans / gender magazine (2003)

This two-fold project took a closer look at discussions around sexual identity. Their intention is to present an interplay among gender, art, new media and archaeology, by taking a closer look at the space between trans and gender, the space around the sign “/” which is meant as a moment to pause, to perceive everything not covered by our culture’s narrow terms ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

The symposium and publication were initiated and produced by PZI participants Nina Hoechtl and Suzanne van Rossenberg. The publication received financial support from MAMA CASH.

Contributors to the symposium included: cultural theorist Marieke van Eijk (Netherlands); art historian Doris Guth (Austria); artist Risk Hazekamp (Netherlands); archaeologist Marjolijn Kok (Netherlands); art historian and media theorist Verena Kuni (Germany); and curator Mirjam van Westen (Netherlands).

In addition to their contributions, the trans / gender magazine includes contributions by PZI participants Jetske de Boer (Netherlands), Carla Cruz (Portugal), Agnieszka Czajkovska (Poland), Edward (Netherlands), Anne-Valerie Gasc (France), Birta Gudjonsdottir (Iceland), and Navid Nuur (Netherlands/Iran), and EduardoThomas (Mexico); cultural theorist Peter Verstraten (Netherlands), and artists Babak Afrassiabi (Netherlands/Iran), Amande In (France)."


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