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2011+ 2012: Patricia Cornflake's Lesbian Lifestyle consists of short stories, cartoons and drawings. Giving an account of art, work, daily life and friendships through fiction. Read the body of work here >>

Year: 2008. The world is desperate for art. I mean, in what other way than fiction can we give account to our desire to convince the other and sell our stories? In art space all parties have agreed on being told lies to. This transparancy in power structures can be implemented in all sorts of fields. >>
If I was a painter, I would be painting short stories. Letters to my friends. Or: context for my personal fictional statements for occasions in- and outside the art world in 2007. Short stories, drawings, happening, exhibition. >>
Started as documentation of Backgammon Competition Evenings in fiction presented as an undemocratic, manipulated weblog hosted by myself. Besides feminist art critique it's an autobiography of me as an artist, curator, archaeologist, audience for the ones I love(d). From April 2006 to January 2007. >>

Drawings and paintings of the Hooglandse Kerk, a gothic church in Leiden, made in 2004. Exhibited twice. Fictional relevancy of the project to be read in thesis. Also presented as a performative lecture until 2006. The church is still there, as well as my desire. >>

Link to what used to be a website for selling my work second-handily (2006). Fictional framework in which to read my paintings. Result of question of which criteria determine the value of art. Documentation of puffin watercolours and a large part of the backgammon boards. English translation present on the site. Opens a new window >>

Project in collaboration with Carla Cruz initiated in 2005 dealing with the artist's desire to make art and/or political statements. Documentation of exhibition. >>
Want to learn more about Carla? Check out http://www.carlacruz.pt.to

Collaboration with Nina Höchtl. Started with the organisation of the trans / gender symposium and the trans / gender magazine in 2003, during our studies at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. >>

More fiction, a commission, almost forgotten works, crazy ideas >>